Artichoke Parmigiana

Artichoke Parmigiana

A recipe easy to prepare and great effect
Great to offer in an original dinner, or to enjoy as a unique dish.

Ingredients for a pan of about 28 cm (preferably rectangular)


  • Baking tray
  • Oven
  • Knife
  • Ladle


Turn on the oven at 200 ^ and let it heat up.
Cut into small pieces the ham and Provola.
Pour a couple of ladles of béchamel in the baking pan, covering all the bottom, and we place the artichokes next to each other side.
We put a layer of ham, one of Provola and we end with two other ladles of Béchamel.
We put another layer of artichokes and continue with the ingredients to cover the whole with three ladles of Béchamel.
We bake in a hot oven and cook for about 20/30 minutes, to melt the cheese.
Before serving, let’s Rest the parmigiana (in fact I prefer to prepare the day before the artichokes and béchamel, stored in the fridge, and assembled in the late morning, to serve it for dinner).

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