Fried artichokes

Fried artichokes

Here is a very good outline to prepare immediately and with very few passages. It is very easy to make and can also represent a base for other tasty preparations.


  • 1 Kg fresh artichokes
  • 4 eggs
  • Flour QB
  • Oil
  • Salt


  • Pan
  • 2 Bowls
  • Knife
  • Fork
  • Colander
  • Gloves
  • 2 Dishes
  • Blotting Paper
  • Ladle
  • Cloth


To start this recipe advice to wear gloves. In fact, fr
esh artichokes, like eggplants, have a single defect cause the skin of the hands to blackening (and I do not tell you the difficulty to clean them). So we take each artichoke, lean on a work surface, and start by cutting the tip and then continue eliminating the outer leaves and the stem.

Cut into slices of 1 cm each artichoke and put it in the bowl filled with water, to which we will add a large handful of salt until (it is my method to not make the artichokes black), for about 20 min
utes. After this time, we rinse the artichokes and put them in the colander to bring down the excess w
ater. After we support the slices of artichoke on the cloth and tamponiamole with absorbent paper to dry well.

We put the whole eggs in the dish, add the salt, and with the fork whisked the whole thing like an omelette.
Put the flour in the other bowl and, with the hands, flour the slices of artichoke.

In the meantime, put the oil in the pan and bring it on fire with medium
flame. Take each slice of floured artichoke, soak it in beaten eggs and put it in hot oil, making it bake and brown on both sides (turning every so often).

Once cooked the slices of artichoke must be placed in the plate covered with absorbent paper, to make the oil leak in exce
ss. These golden artichokes are fantastic to taste warm, but also excellent even the following days (if well stored in the fridge).

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